Licence Exempt Radio
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Entry level and advanced features sets now available for immediate delivery: Our lowest priced licence exempt radio is 99 (TX-1446). The two class leading models are now only 120 (XTN446/TK3201)

NEW Digital licence exempt handsets are available for 269
The DTR Series brings digital technology to the unlicensed on-site market with NEW capabilities and BETTER performance
Licence Free (446/DTR)
We have a selection of reliable, robust handsets all under 200 per unit including Battery and Charger. Try something pocket sized, the Entel HX400 Series only 274g

With greater range enhance your operation with useful feature sets -Emergency calling either manual or automatic (Lone worker or man down)
Private Business (PBR)
We have a huge choice of Earpieces, Remote Speaker Microphones and Headsets available direct from the manufacturer. In addition we can provide Rechargeable Batteries for virtually any model past or present.
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